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We carry a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes of wine bottles. Do you need Bordeaux wine bottles, Burgundy wine bottles, ice wine bottles, hock wine bottles, spumante wine bottles, opera wine bottles, or other types? We have them. What colors do you prefer? Antique green, flint (clear), cobalt blue, frosted, dead leaf green, dark green—we carry a large variety of colors.

Do you want flat-bottom wine bottles or deep-punt wine bottles, cork top or screw top wine bottles? We have them.

When it comes to wine bottles, our huge volume to wineries and home winemakers, enables us to sell all our wine bottles at extremely low prices. See our catalogs for details.



Antique Green 750 ml

Dark Green 750 500 375 ml

Dark Green(flat bot’m) 750 ml

Flint (clear) 750 375 ml

Frosted 750 ml

Cobalt Blue 750 ml

Deep Punt (Tapered) 750 ml

Dark Green (Cork finish) 1.5 Liter

Flint (clear) 1.5 Liter

Ice Wine

Flint (clear) 375 ml

Antique Green 375 ml


Antique Green 750 ml

Dead Leaf 750 ml


Dark Green 750 ml

Flint (clear) 750 ml


Flint (clear) 500 ml


Dark Green 750 ml

See our catalogs or call us for complete selection and prices.

Other styles & larger sizes

Two liter bottle with screw top

Six liter magnum bottle, dark green

Five liter jug with screw top

One liter chianti bottle

See our bottle dimensions brochure below in .pdf format.


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To Punt or Not To Punt 

 Some wine bottles have indentations on the bottom (dimples). These dimples are called, “Punts.”

Do the punts in wine bottles have a purpose? Is the wine bottle better because it has a punt? Is the wine inside a wine bottle with a punt of better quality?  The answers to these three questions are, “No, No, and No.”

Many moons ago, when wine bottles were hand blown, the punts did have a purpose—to eliminate the piece of glass on the bottom of the bottle which caused the bottle to be uneven on the bottom and be unstable.

Now, with modern manufacturing methods and tools, wine bottles don’t require a punt. Flat-bottom wine bottles are just as strong and cost just about the same as wine bottles with punts. So why have them?

Some say that punts make the wine bottle stronger. Others say that punts help trap sediment. Waiters often pour the wine by sticking their thumb in the wine bottle punt.

Frankly, punts are probably an aesthetic remnant from the days when more expensive wines came in a wine bottle with a punt.

To punt or not to punt is totally up to you.

Here are some links that provide some additional thoughts on wine bottle punts: