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Need to know how many pounds of grapes to make various quantities of wine?

The table below provides a reasonable basis for making estimates of how much whole grape it takes to make finished wine. These estimates assume that you are using a conventional Crusher-Destemmer and a basket press. The final amount depends upon the kind of grape, the vintage (annual variance in cluster size), and how hard you press the must.
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How do you make wine from wine grape juice?

Very important: Please make sure that all equipment is CLEAN & STERILIZED. **** 76 degrees (F) is recommended for highest quality fermentation. ****
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How do you use oak alternatives?

XTRAOAK XOAKERS are the newest and most efficient alternative to the traditional barrel stave insert. For use in replenishing oak in neutral barrels, XTRAOAK XOAKERS
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How to properly maintain wine barrels—new and previously used?

New barrels are ready to fill immediately upon receipt. If you will not be filling the barrel immediately, be sure to keep it in a cool place. Avoid storing empty barrels in excessively moist places as this may allow mold to develop.
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How to use a manual hydraulic press

Step 1. Fill the head of the Hydraulic Pump with hydraulic fluid (provided).
Remove the black cap and fill using a small funnel. The black cap is located in the center of the head.
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