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American Oak Wine Barrels

95 Liter (25 Gallons)
200 Liter (53 Gallons) 
225 Liter (59 Gallons) 

French Oak Wine Barrels

225 Liter (59 Gallons)

Whiskey Barrels / New

New 53 gallon, American White Oak, Whiskey barrels.

These Whiskey barrels are strictly made using American White Oak (Quercus Alba) and are aged at least 6 months. The majority of the American Oak is sourced locally from the forests in New York as well as from other areas within the United States.

  • All barrels are fire-bent as opposed to water-bent.
  • Each whiskey barrel is lightly toasted prior to
  • Different CHAR levels are available.



Barrel Specifications


200 Liter


200 Liter (53 Gallons)

Barrel Height


Bilge Circumference

25.6 ”

Head Thickness


Stave Thickness

1.125 ”

Bunghole Diameter


Oak wine barrels

Whiskey Barrels / Used

Gino Pinto Inc. offers the home winemaker used 53 gallon, White Oak, waterproof Whiskey barrels (Bourbon). These barrels are a perfect low cost alternative for wine storage and impart a higher alcohol content to the wine.

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