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South African Grape Region

Our South African grapes are grown in the Western Cape region. Only an hour’s drive from Cape Town and surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, the Breede River Valley is responsible for a large portion of South Africa’s total wine production.

The Breede River Valley is a sheltered wine producing area in the Western Cape region. Surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges, this area is responsible for a large portion of South Africa’s total wine production.

Our Pinotage is from the same family estate that we sourced in the past. The estate is located at the end of a narrow mountain valley and has unique climatic conditions. The narrow valley creates a funnel effect with cooling winds in summer with sufficient rainfall. The valley has a Mediterranean climate with warm days ensuring good sugar development and cool nights that preserve the balance of natural acids in the grapes.

Pinotage – Breede River Valley

This farm is in the Cedarberg mountains 500 meters above sea level. It has deep water-retaining soil with bush vines with long, warm summers tempered by cool sea breezes at night. The reward is small, concentrated (grape) berries with well-balanced sugar, acid, tannin, and color. These grapes produce exceptionally ripe and deep-flavored wines.

wine grapes

Our grower is a family-run farm with older low-yield vines. Our vineyard block has been hand selected for high-quality grapes.

Cabernet Sauvignon — Stellenbosch District 

Stellenbosch is, perhaps, the most famous wine-producing region in South Africa. The town is steeped in history and is home to the country’s best-known wine estates. Stellenbosch Cabernet is highly sought after.

Syrah — Stellenbosch District 

Barbera — Stellenbosch District 

South African Wine Grapes

Granite and sandstone soils with high clay content means that while they are free-draining, they have excellent water-retention properties. The soils in this area are famous for their suitability to produce premium, red-wine grapes.

Our grower’s estate is in the Devon Valley (10-minutes outside the town of Stellenbosch) and produces fine, premium red wines.  The grower pays meticulous attention to his vineyards which produce full, rich wines that age well.